President’s Letter

A Message from the President

Dear Club Members,

I wanted to thank you for electing me as your President for the next two years.  I am excited for the challenge and eager to continue the mission of our club.

This past year our club made several significant accomplishments. Our fundraising efforts were broadened by the addition of Wine Glass Painting and Bingo fundraising events.  We were able to provide $6500 in scholarships to our Hopkinton seniors.  We were also able to donate to many Hopkinton non-profit organizations through Project HOPE every month. Our Social Media and Publicity efforts have given us more exposure. We are now a proud member of the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce.

This coming year will be an exciting but challenging one. Many committees have been working to help organize this year. The Program Committee has put together a collection of great speakers. October will find us continuing to celebrate our Centennial Year and close our Time Capsule. What a Centennial Year it has been!

In many ways it will be the same, all of us working together to help the Hopkinton Community.  The difference is that COVID will most likely make it difficult to do this the way we are normally used to.  We must reach out to one another and our community throughout this time. I am focused on creating new possibilities and approaches to service. Though we may not have our monthly “in person” meetings in the fall, we will have to learn new ways we can grow together to complete our mission work. We have always strongly supported each other.

Thank you for your commitment to the Hopkinton Women’s Club. You are an amazing group of women!

Looking forward to another great year,

Nancy Tarsi

HWC President 2020-2022




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