President’s Letter

A Message from the President

Dear Club Members,

Looking back on the past year, the club was very successful.  We have increased our social media presence and we have consistently had great programs and interesting social events each month. Our membership continues to grow. Our fundraising committee generated new ideas to augment our income, including restaurant and ice cream nights and 50/50 raffles at school athletic events.  Our community telephone directory continues to be our largest fundraiser and our marathon runner helped by raising additional money for our club.  We were recognized by the MA General Federation of Women’s Clubs for our generous donation of books to More Than Words. We awarded scholarships and awards to deserving students and supported many nonprofit organizations in our community. Thanks to all that helped make the past year a success!

The upcoming year will be an extra special year for the club – we will be celebrating our 100th birthday in 2020.  Our Centennial Planning committee has some exciting events planned for 2020.  During a visit to the Hopkinton Historical Society, we were able to locate journals and other memorabilia from the meetings held in 1920. They will be on display at some of our events.

Our programs committee has interesting and diverse speakers scheduled for our general meetings. We will continue to plan monthly social events for members to visit local attractions and socialize with club members.  Our social media presence will continue to improve.  Fundraising will continue to be an important component of our activities.

In closing, I want to thank the club membership for their commitment to the club, our fundraising activities and our community events.  The club is only as good as our members and we are lucky to have such a good group of women. Every member and every committee chair plays an important role in our growth and success. I am looking forward to the planned programs and the 100th birthday celebrations.  I hope you will be able to attend these events as well. The 2019 – 2020 year should be a fun and successful year.

Warm regards,

Barbara Buchner

Hopkinton Women’s Club President 2019-2020




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