President’s Letter

A Message from the President


Dear Club Members

First, I would like to thank all of you for electing me to be Club President for the next two years.  I am honored to have been elected and will strive to do my very best to lead the Club.

As I look back to 2015 when I joined the Women’s Club, at first I was not sure what to expect.  Although I have lived in Hopkinton for over 40 years, I worked in the city and didn’t have much time to meet other local families and make friends.  Since joining the Club, I have met wonderful women who continue to amaze me with their knowledge of our town and their willingness to contribute whenever asked, whether it be a gift to a local charity or giving of their personal time to support the club or other local activities. We truly have an extraordinary membership.

Looking forward to this year, I am pleased that we will be holding our meetings at the newly restored Hopkinton Public Library.  It is a beautiful building and offers us an excellent meeting place.  Our Program Committee will bring us a full schedule of interesting topics and events.  We will strive to offer opportunities for Monthly Social Events that will allow us to socialize and enjoy local events as a group.  We are working diligently on improving our social media presence through our newly designed website (still a work in progress) and other social media sites. We will continue to meet our fundraising goals with our Community Phonebook.  This is our single largest fundraising activity and allows us to give back to the community through donations to numerous charities, scholarships to graduating seniors, and other awards to deserving students.

We will also start to plan for our Centennial Year – in 2020 our Club will be 100 years old!  We expect that 2020 will be a very special year for our club and our membership.

I want to close by thanking the membership for continuing to be committed to making the Hopkinton Women’s Club a successful organization.  Every member and every committee chair plays an important role in the growth and success of our club.  I am looking forward to another great year.

With warm regards,

Barbara Buchner

Hopkinton Women’s Club President

2018 – 2019




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