As an active member of the Hopkinton Women’s Club, we ask all members to participate and contribute through a committee. Committees are a way to share the burden of organizing and fundraising, and ensure we have the proper commitment and the best and brightest ideas in all that we do.

Our 11 Standing Committees

Community Service – This committee has three sub-committees:

  • Blood Drives – to assist the Red Cross in town blood drives.
  • Candidates Night – to help inform and educate local voters about Hopkinton town elections and candidates.
  • Scholarships – to coordinate the Hopkinton Town Scholarships and the Mary McDonough Community Service Award.

Family Support Fund – Responsible for managing the Family Support Fund, receiving and evaluating applications, and presenting recommendations to the club officers.

Fundraising – Responsible for the creation, development and implementation of various fundraising events which support the mission of the club. Such events may be developed independently or in partnership with other organizations. Club members may be asked to assist at events.

Hospitality – Acts as refreshment coordinator, scheduling hostesses and helpers for monthly meetings and special functions.

Membership– Responsible for distribution of names, addresses, and phone numbers of new members to the club members, submits updates for the club handbook. Provides nametags at monthly meetings. Introduces new members and makes them feel welcome.

Monthly Social Events – Plans monthly educational and social outings in and around Hopkinton, including museum visits, art exhibits, luncheons and excursions to Greater Boston activities.

Nomination – Committee of three prepares a list of candidates for officers, auditor, chairwomen of standing committees, and next year’s nominating committee, and presents the election slate to the Club President and Handbook Editor by May 1st of each year.

Programs– Schedules monthly meeting programs for the education, entertainment, and social benefit of the membership. A monthly schedule of programs for the following club year shall be submitted to the President and Handbook Editor by June 15th.

Project HOPE (Hopkinton Organization for Positive Endeavors) – Provides holiday gift certificates to Hopkinton Youth and Family Services. Assists Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton, Hopkinton Senior Center, Michael Lisnow Respite Center, Hopkinton Public Library, Hopkinton Food Pantry, and Project Just Because. We provide backpacks to Hopkinton Schools, care bags and support other local organizations with donations of clothing, food, and other needed items throughout the year.

Publicity – Responsible for getting club news and photographs in area newspapers, on local cable TV and on social media.

Social Media – Has two sub-committees:

  • Facebook Page – Maintains social media networking presence on our Facebook Page and other types of social media.
  • Webmaster – Updates and maintains the club’s website including recommendations for updates and renewal of domain registration. All fees associated with the website are paid for by the club.

Other Committees

Handbook Editor – Assembles, edits, prints, and distributes the club’s annual handbook prior to the first general meeting in September.

Spring Awards Luncheon – Plans the spring event in which the HWC student award recipients are honored.  The award recipients and a guest of their choice are the club’s invited guests. Also invited to the luncheon is the student chosen to represent HHS at MassStar and a guest.

Hopkinton Family Day – Plan and coordinate the Women’s Club presence at Hopkinton Family Day.

PolyArts – Plan and coordinate the club’s presence at annual PolyArts

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